Adé Hogue

Hi, I'm Adé


About Me

Art Director • Designer • Letterer

I am a designer & adventurer based in Chicago, IL. I love letters and floral shirts (and a few other things, too). I have the wonderful job of using my hands to blend the beautiful with the practical. Doing more than pushing pixels, I get to take ideas and turn them into something physical. I truly enjoy designing and the process it involves. Let's create something together!

A quick glance of my work can be viewed here. Also, I'm not one for résumés, but if you're interested in seeing mine, you can download it here.

Oh, and it's pronounced "ah-day"

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Portraits by the incredibly talented Amelia Fletcher.

Brands I've Worked With

Ocean Spray, ALDI, Nike, Teavana, PayPal, The Atlantic, eBay Inc., Three Run Two, MilkPEP, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Mercedes-Benz, Sprout Social, Shinola Detroit, The Obama Foundation, Under Armour, Moen, and Pedigree.


Speaking Engagements/Workshops

Creative Works Memphis (Upcoming, Fall 2019) - Speaker
LetterWest (Upcoming, Summer 2019) - Speaker
AIGA WM Get Your Sh•t Together (Upcoming, Spring 2019) - Speaker
AIGA Charlotte (March 2019) - Speaker
AIGA Raleigh Thrive (March 2019) - Speaker
Adobe MAX (October 2018) - Speaker
Creative Mornings Chicago  (June 2018) - Speaker
AIGA Chicago Freedom of Freelance (November 2017) - Panelist
Nike Rise Chicago (September 2017) - Guest Artist
Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers (April 2017) - Moderator
Creative South (April 2017) - Speaker
Ladies, Wine & Design Lettering Workshop (February 2017) - Instructor
UNC Charlotte Communication Design (October 2016) - Guest Lecturer  
UNC Charlotte Concepts (October 2016) - Guest Lecturer
DePaul University (October 2016) - Guest Lecturer
Shinola Mother's Day Lettering (May 2016) - Guest Artist
Shinola Love Notes (February 2016) - Guest Artist
AIGA Charlotte Lettering Workshop -  (November 2015) - Instructor
UNC Charlotte Concepts (November 2015) - Guest Lecturer
UNC Charlotte Graphic Design 2 (November 2015) - Guest Lecturer
Top Con 2015 (November 2015) - Speaker

Other Accolades

Perspective Podcast (2019) - Guest (link)
Creative Pep Talk (2018) - Guest (link)
Typism 4 (2018) -  Featured (link)
Drunk on Lettering Podcast (2018) - Guest (link)
UNC Charlotte COA+A Distinguished Alumni (2018)Featured (link)
28 Blacks (2018)Featured (link)
PRINT Magazine New Visual Artists (2017- Featured (link)
Sharpie Art Workbook (2016) - Featured Artist (link)
Saturate Chicago (2016) - Featured (link)
28 Days of Web (2015) - Featured (link)
Freshly Laundered (2014) - Featured (link)


Typeforce X (Upcoming)
Lebowsikland (2018)
Typeforce 8 (2017)
DryHop Whiskey + Art (2015)
Typeforce 5 (2014)
Illuminated Narratives (2012)