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This is Personal (Goals)

Tracey Emin, Be Faithful to Your Dreams

It's good to have goals. Both short-terms ones, and long-term ones. Like everyone else, I have plenty, but I felt like I was never making progress with any of them. Reading a few articles lately, I found out that people who write down specific goals for their future are far more likely to be successful at accomplishing those goals. So I made a goal: to write down a list of goals. One night, at around 1 am, I picked up my laptop and just started typing. I wrote them as the popped into my head, and as if I was talking to someone else. I feel like I always have advice for others, but I rarely listen to myself. When I finished, I realized that I had way more goals than I expected. I counted them, and I had exactly 25. Perfect. I am turning 25 in March (queue the quarter-life crisis) and "25 goals for turning 25 (plus a few months)" rolls off the tongue so well. Some are very specific, while others are pretty vague and will take much longer than one year. I'm not saying I will accomplish them all, but damn if I won't try as hard as I possibly can. Below is my list of 25 goals I have for the next 15 months. Hold me to them!

25 goals for turning 25 

  1. First and foremost, be fucking HAPPY
  2. Just smile more. Your resting/thinking/pissed face scares people. 
  3. Don't be afraid of new opportunities. You never know what they will lead to.
  4. Go to a major design conference. I'm sure there is one you can afford.
  5. Use your "Savings" account to actually SAVE. $5,000 balance. Minimum.
  6. Reduce your credit card debt by 50%. You'll be much happier.
  7. Leave the country. For at least a week. No exceptions.
  8. Take a road trip. 1000 miles minimum. No exceptions.
  9. Take a train ride to a city you haven't been to. Who cares if it sucks.
  10. Sell your work! You can make money. Web store. 
  11. Create promotional work, and actually PROMOTE yourself. 
  12. Have work featured in an art gallery.
  13. Get back into printmaking. Classes. Experiments. Something. Just print shit.
  14. Go to Va/NC at least 3 times. 
  15. Volunteer somewhere. Regularly.
  16. Train for a marathon. Or a half one. Don't kill yourself. It will be fun to say you did it. 
  17. Call your family more. They need to hear your voice. You need to hear theirs.
  18. Spend less time texting, more time talking. You should probably Skype more. 
  19. Make new friends, and be better to the ones you already have.
  20. Reconnect with old friends. There's no reason you haven't talked to them in years.
  21. Write more letters. They are more meaningful.
  22. Network. Professionally. You meet awesome people in bars all the time. 
  23. Treat yourself to something you want. Last year was rough. You deserve it.
  24. Design things for yourself sometimes. Those designs are always the best.
  25. Most importantly, BE FUCKING HAPPY.
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